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If you’re looking for WordPress developers based in the UK, talk to Toast!

We’re a WordPress development company based in Oxfordshire and we work with large and small clients across the UK.

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Building new WordPress sites is our core service – we’re a team of experienced WordPress consultants who have worked on 100s of sites. As a dedicated WordPress agency, we have the experience you need for your site.

We do this every day, and we work with a diverse range of clients, all with unique requirements like yours.

We have planning, design and build process that will ensure you get the site you are looking for, which does everything you need it to do – we’re a WordPress agency, so can help you with everything WordPress!

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Recent projects

Sir Simon Milton WordPress website design

WP theme design for SSM UTC with custom templates and functionality.

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WordPress for Recruitment company

Bespoke-build WordPress site for Mayday – one of Banbury’s leading recruitment specialists.

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Our WordPress development Process

We have a well-tested format that all our projects follow. This process is tailored to the size of your site and budget, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach – we treat your new WordPress site as a unique project.

Below is a (very) condensed run through our process and approach to new WordPress sites.


A successful project is a well organised one, so this initial stage involves re-scoping the project so we’re all on the same page in terms of requirement.

We set you up on our account and project management systems, set deadlines, key deliverables and gather everything we need to get started.

We’ll be asking you a lot of questions during this stage.

Research & Planning

During this stage we research your market and competitors, looking at Keywords, Personas, content and sitemaps.

We also create mood boards to start thinking about the creative direction.



Sometimes our clients supply us with everything, other times we help to produce content.

This stage is about getting everything together to inform the following stages.

We often get asked to ‘do some designs’ so our clients can then write content for the designs. 

We don’t think this is the best way of working, so the preceding prep and planning stages will have helped you to get all this content planned out.

We don’t need absolutely everything to get started, but our WordPress developers do need a good idea of what sort of content will be going on to the site.

If you have current branding and assets, we’ll also discuss these with you at this stage and how they will be used on the site.

Wireframing and design

Our WordPress experts approach the wireframing and design of your new WordPress site page-by-page.

This usually starts with the homepage, then key landing pages, subpages, other templates and blogs.

We wireframe each page first to identify the information architecture and placement of content on the page.

Once approved, we produce initial concept designs around this wireframe.

We then work with you to develop these initial concepts to approval stage before moving on to the next wireframe.

This approach keeps everyone focussed on the current page and content – trying to do all things at once only leads to badly thought-out design.

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WordPress developers

A recent project – Bronnley

Our WordPress developers helped Bronnley to completely reinvent themselves online.

Bronnley approach Toast to initially create a microsite for a new product range.

Off the back of the initial project success, they asked us to design and build a new flagship site for the famous British brand.

The new site has made a huge difference; it’s easier to manage, ranks better and converts more visitors into customers.

This site is a great example of our design-and-build process – each stage of the project was scoped and planned to ensure every page worked hard and converted.

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Site Build

All new sites are built on our servers, so we get WordPress and everything else set up and ready to go.

We install our theme and set of premium plugins.

We then start to build-out the pages that have had the design approved.

This usually starts with the build of the homepage, then top-level pages.

We also build in your required functionality during this stage, testing and debugging as we go.

Snagging and fine-tuning

Once the site is built, we work through a series of snag lists to tweak and refine the site, layout and functions.

This is all done initially on the desktop version of the site to get everything perfect.

Typically, we do several snagging stages, with the snag lists reducing in size each time.

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Recent projects

Rugby World Cup WordPress Site

A completely bespoke build using custom WooCommerce templates to achieve custom functions for this WordPress site.

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Once the desktop version of the site is complete, we work through the responsive CSS, making your site work across all popular devices.

This covers of smaller screens, tablets and phones.

The responsive CSS is then tested via our automated tools that render your site in the various devices so we can check everything looks great.

We also manually check on the devices we have in the studio.

Sign-off and Launch

Once we’re all happy with the site, we prepare for launch.

This includes a lot of pre- and post-launch tests at our end. We may also need to move the site or update your DNS (depending on the hosting arrangements).

We’ll also provide you with training on how to use your site (this can be before or after launch).

Once live, we run the final tests, plugin analytics and any other tracking requirements,  and you’re off!

All our sites then enter a period of two weeks of free support to fix any issues that might arise.

What happens next?

The above is an abridged version of all the things we do for new sites.

If you work with us on your project, you’re doing far more than just hiring WordPress developers, we can help you take your site to the next level.

Every site we work on is different, and you will have additional requirements for your site.

Once we’ve got you live, we can help you with ongoing technical support, blogging, marketing and everything else related to continually improving your website.

It’s said that design, building and launching a new website is just 25% of what it takes to make a successful site, so there’ll be plenty of things we can work on together.

An important note about the sites we build.

We have very simple and transparent terms about the sites we build. Once live, and when our bills are paid, the site is yours. We hold no on-going ownership of the site or code.

This means our don’t hold you over a barrel in terms of what you can and can’t do with your site. It’s your site, not ours.

That said, as WordPress developers, we do support a lot of clients with their sites, providing a range of support and maintenance packages.

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