We have several options for helping clients with domain and email hosting when they don’t have a website.

Let’s be totally upfront about this, it’s best to have your domain in your own account with a registrar.

However, some clients prefer that we look after this process for them as simply configuring domains and email can sometimes be quite complicated.

The packages we offer for domains and email are listed below.

Domain registrations.

If you would like Toast to look after your domain, we charge £50 ex VAT per year for this service.

This includes hosting your domain on our own account and administering the Nameservers and DNS.

We generally renew all domains for 2 years, so we’d invoice you accordingly.

Using this server means if you have any issue with your domain, nameservers or DNS, we’ll take care of it for you.

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Email hosting.

Not everyone has a website, so if you are just looking for email hosting, we can help with this too.

We offer 2 forms of email hosting.

Simple business email.

This is where your email is hosted on servers that we pay for and are maintained and managed by us.

This is a basic account that allows for one email address and the following:

  • One 5GB mailbox
  • Webmail included
  • Built-in spam and anti-virus protection
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Tasks

Charges for this service are £99 ex VAT per year.

Google Workplace email.

Google Workplace is a Google-hosted email account.

Google charges around £4.14 (ex VAT) per month for this service for the first 12 months, but you get added benefits including:

  • Using your custom domain
  • 30GB of email storage
  • Access to apps like Google Meet, Google Drive, Sheets, Calendar etc
  • Simple login procedure
  • Easy set up on mobile devices

We will set up your Google Account for you on a 14-day free trial, you will then need to add your own billing details.

This is then your own account with Google, and Google will bill you directly.

To set this all up, we charge a one-off fee of £99 ex VAT which includes creating the account, configuring your domain and all the settings and making sure everything is working.

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Want to move your domain and email to your own account somewhere else?

We can help you do this.

If you would prefer to move your domain and emails to your own account elsewhere, we can help to configure your domain, set up your email and move any emails from your old account to the new one.

For this service, we charge a one-off fee of £99 ex VAT.

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