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Sausage & Roll

Selling the sizzle!

Sausage and Roll WordPress Development

Our client

Sausage and Roll is a food retailer based in the new A30 services in Cornwall. The offer fast food that’s locally sourced, free from nasties and without any compromise whatsoever!

The challenge

The S&R team needed a quick, responsive website that would rank well for travellers looking for a place to eat on their way into Cornwall.

The results

The WordPress site is clean and simple and does exactly what our client needed – it’s ranking well and serves as a ‘brochure’ site to tell potential customers all about the produce.

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Kelly is our in-house content editor at Toast helping clients to find the right words for what they want to say, as well as copywriting, proof reading and editing. "Kel" also helps out in all other areas of the business, and will go and get milk for the troops...as long as it isn’t raining!