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WordPress makes a rock-solid platform for large corporate projects.

We plan, design and build Corporate websites.

Using WordPress for your Corporate website gives you a world-class CMS that is infinitely customisable. With any large site, you want a platform that’s going to give you the flexibility to grow as your content an marketing needs grow.

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So what makes WordPress such a great choice for your corporate website?

WordPress’ flexibility and customisation opportunities alone make it suitable for very large and complex corporate websites.

Larger websites are as much about the management of content as they are about the design.

If you have a team of people working on your corporate website, making the management of content easy saves hassle and money.

It also means that you’ll get more content on the site if doing so is a simple process.

Customising WordPress for Corporate websites.

The larger your site, the less likely you are to be able to cope with an off-the-shelf WordPress theme.

Whilst these are great for smaller sites, they can be a nightmare to manage for a corporate site.

With a seemingly infinite array of options and customisation choices, sites built with off the shelf themes can quickly go off-brand and become a mess.

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Managing corporate content with a bespoke theme.

When your site is built on a bespoke theme, all the styling, spacing, fonts and colours can all be locked down in the stylesheet.

This means your team just need to concentrate on getting the content in and don’t waste time trying to customise endless options.

We can also go much further than the standard WYSIWYG editor – our custom-build corporate sites are built with content editing tools that are purpose-built for your website’s content.

Take for example a typical ‘team’ page.

These sorts of the page generally have a headshot of the staff member, their name, job title and a short bio – some even click through to a full page fo each staff member.

Managing this type of content with the standard WordPress text editor, or even a page builder can be complex and time-consuming.

What’s even worse is when you’ve added 30 people, sorted out all the spacing and inline styling to then find the design team want to change it.

You’ve got to go through each and everyone and manually change them.

With a set of custom content fields, this could be done in minutes via the CSS file.

It just makes everything easier to manage.

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Using WordPress for a larger site also helps to protect you against costly changes to your site further down the line.

For example, with some CMS’s, a significant change to your branding may mean a complete site rebuild.

With WordPress, it’s simply the case of a new theme – a bespoke build completely separates the content from the markup which means you can totally redesign your site without having to rework all the content (even if the placement, design and layout of this content all changes).


We’ve seen many corporate websites where agencies have locked down pretty much everything that’s editable in WordPress.

The simple reason for this is to generate themselves some business – why make a menu directly editable by you when they can force a call, book in a job and charge you a fee.

What WordPress makes possible in 5 minutes can end up taking five phone calls, two weeks and costing hundreds of pounds.


Everything we build is done from an SEO-first perspective.

From full technical optimisation to on-page SEO, the sites we create are lightweight and built for speed.

If you are in a competitive niche, that 200ms saving in load time can make a real difference in the SERPs.

We also use premium plugins including YOAST and WP Rocket to optimise your content and files.

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