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We have two main ways in which we charge for all WordPress work.

Project work

We class project work as anything that takes more than one day to complete. Typically this would include projects such as:

  • New WordPress sites
  • Moving legacy websites to WordPress
  • Updating existing WordPress sites to a new bespoke theme

We work out our charges for these projects based on a fixed spec and project scope.

We quote a fixed price for the project against the fixed scope.

If the project scope changes during the project, so do our charges, but these are always agreed in advance.

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Ad-hoc work

Ad-hoc work is anything that takes less than a day to complete. This sort of work includes:

  • Fixing issues on WordPress sites
  • Adding new plugins and functions
  • Cleaning up hacked WordPress sites

All ad-hoc work is done on-the-clock using something called Toast Time. This is charged at £1 per minute (ex VAT) and billed by the minute (if it takes seven minutes to complete your request, we only take seven minutes of your pre-purchased time). This way, you only pay for what you use.

There is a minimum purchase of 120 minutes for any ad-hoc work, but any time not used is saved for any future requests.

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