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Bespoke-built WordPress with HubSpot integration

Arnica Dental Care wanted to improve their existing WordPress site, making the content more easy to manage for the team and to improve the user experience and journeys through the site.

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Project Information

  • Bespoke WordPress theme design and build
  • An admin section designed specifically to meet content requirements
  • Custom sections for specific content
  • Team sections
  • Dental referral functions
  • Blog and HubSpot integration
  • Hosting

Project Team

  • Charlotte Charlotte
  • Dave Dave
  • Jade Jade
  • Aaron Aaron
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Charlotte Brown

We redesigned this site from the ground-up to make it easier for the team to manage the content on a daily basis.

We also looked at some of the internal processes commonly actioned by the Practice and enabled some of these to be replaced by forms and automation, saving time and money.

Charlotte Brown

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Website designers for dentist
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