New wordpress site for engenie
New wordpress site for engenie

Improved and bespoke WordPress site for Engenie

Engenie came to Toast needing an updated WordPress site with a modern design and functionality. We designed a site with a modern look and an easy-to-use admin area.

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Project Information

  • Bespoke WordPress build
  • Updated modernised design
  • Bespoke content areas
  • Lightweight admin area
  • Hosting

Project Team

  • Charlotte Charlotte
  • Dave Dave
  • Aaron Aaron
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Toast were very knowledgeable and professional in their review and re-design of our website to optimise for our different audiences. It was really easy to see progress and tasks and to communicate during the project via an online project management tool. The team were great at balancing what we were asking for with their recommendations for what works best, within the budget and scope of work. In particular, Charlotte managed the project with us responsively and efficiently. And a great result!

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New wordpress site for engenie
New wordpress site for engenie

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