Why WordPress

Why WordPress you ask? Over 70 million sites use this free, open-source content management system (CMS), making it the most popular website management and blog updating tools available.

But just because something’s popular doesn’t mean you should use it. So, why do people really love WordPress and what can it offer you and your website?

It’s best for those looking to keep the site regularly updated with fresh pages and posts, whether it’s a blog, an online information resource, a news website, an e-commerce storefront or otherwise. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why we help people move to WordPress from an old CMS.

But if you do need a CMS, here are a few reasons WordPress might be the direction to take.

The WordPress platform is a free and open-source

This is simple enough. It doesn’t cost anything to download, install, upgrade, and update WordPress. Some of the plugins you find might come with charges, but compared to other web development tools, that can help you keep the costs low enough to fit just about any budget. With that said, knowing how to set up and optimise a WordPress website that gets found is a different conversation – that’s where Toast Websites can help you!

It’s popular, with a huge share of the websites online today

Yes, we just said that popularity isn’t everything. But the user base of WordPress has a lot to offer. It’s used by companies as big as BBC, Ford, CNN, PlayStation and eBay as well a lot of independent smaller enterprises and passionate bloggers. The fact that so many people use it means that a lot of web users are familiar with it and many already have trained with it. That means you will always be able to find staff members who can help you maintain and update your site once it’s built. But that popularity also means that there’s plenty of advice, tips, and tricks to help you customise your site’s use of WordPress just how you like it. Which leads onto the next point.

Customise and optimise WordPress using an array of plugins

As it’s open-source, just about anyone can explore the inner-workings of WordPress to make alterations. This also allows a lot of users and businesses to create a sprawling mass of plugins, of which there are several thousand available. Some of these plugins allow you to connect your site directly to marketing methods like search optimisation. Others help you nail down a certain aesthetic style. Others provide a site cache that improves its performance. A good designer knows how to use the flexibility of WordPress’s framework. They have access to a broad selection of layouts and applications that ensure that your site doesn’t just look like it was just another paint-by-number WordPress site. The system allows for a lot more diversity than that. All of out Toast Websites client sites are built as a bespoke WordPress theme and you own the rights to that code and the files too!

Why WordPress websites can work for any business!

It might take a certain savvy to learn how to make the most use of WordPress, but it’s not beyond anyone to learn. When it comes to adding content, posts, images, videos, pages, and more, there are few systems as intuitive and easy to use. For the more complicated processes and plugins, there are plenty of tutorials and written guides on the net, not to mention experienced web designers who can not only help you achieve what you want to with your site but help you learn the ropes as they do. If you just want a site that allows you to update content, widgets, and pages without the stress of having to learn too much, you can just as easily do that. We can provide you with WordPress training either before or after your new website has gone live. We aim to make 80% of the site editable by you!

Why WordPress is built for me and you to use

WordPress is free. It’s just a publishing platform. It doesn’t put a stamp on the data your site collects, data that might be useful for understanding readers and customers and making improvements to what you offer. No WordPress internal staff are going to be looking through your stuff or making any claims of ownership, as some might fear. The versatility of WordPress means that it’s perfectly scalable to your desires as well. So long as you have the right hosting set up, your website can grow with your business. The sky’s the limit!

So… is WordPress right for you?

There are plenty more reasons to consider using WordPress. It’s easy to integrate with social media accounts, email systems like MailChimp, and other sites. It’s 100% responsive, meaning a site built on WordPress can be viewed on any device. WordPress offers ease-of-use, versatility, freedom, connectivity, and a community that brings it all together and brings it all to life. If you’re not convinced of why you should consider WordPress, maybe it’s not a CMS-driven website you need. Otherwise, we can start helping you use the system to create just the kind of site you need.

All of your WordPress needs are just a click away. Whatever your requirements, however big or small, Toast Websites can be of service to you. Don’t suffer for a second longer and get in touch today.

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