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WordPress redesign and SEO optimisation

Leadent Solutions WordPress Development

Highlight team experts

Leadent Solution’s original website was more about services than expertise. As Workforce Management consultants it seemed right to create a more personalised website featuring the consultants.

One way of achieving this having an author profile and link at the end of each blog post and a specialist profile and link on the industry sector pages. 

leadent solutions WordPress Development
leadent solutions WordPress Development

Home page highlights

Following a content strategy session with a cross-company team, we identified ways to communicate key services and major customers using Leadent Solutions.

This was achieved with a tag cloud in the hero banner and a revolving logo banner for the clients.

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Kelly is our in-house content editor at Toast helping clients to find the right words for what they want to say, as well as copywriting, proof reading and editing. "Kel" also helps out in all other areas of the business, and will go and get milk for the troops...as long as it isn’t raining!