Websites, like all tech, need to be kept up-to-date if they are to run at their best, maintain security and avoid problems.

If your website is more than 12 months old and hasn’t been updated in some time, we’d recommend getting it serviced to make sure it’s secure and running properly.

Given how quickly web-based software and tech changes, you really should review your website once per quarter to ensure it’s in tip-top condition, so if you’ve not done this recently, an annual service is probably well overdue.

What does a WordPress service include?

We’ll take a look over your entire site and check and complete the following:

  • WordPress core files version updates to the most up-to-date version
  • WordPress plugin files check and update to the most up-to-date version
  • WordPress Theme files check and update to the most recent version
  • Hosting environment check and speed check
  • SSL security check and updates
  • Keyword review and report (where you rank and what for)
  • Backlinks check – see if there are any toxic websites linking to you
  • Google Page Insights check (see how Google scores your site – crucial if you are investing time in SEO)
  • Domain review (testing your domain to see if all the settings are correct)

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What does a WordPress service cost?

There are two stages to a WordPress service.

  • The initial service (which includes WordPress core updates, theme updates, plugin updates and your report)
  • Remedial work (if required)

Charges for the initial service and report are £240 ex VAT – this allows half a day of work to properly run through everything and report back.

Should we find issues on your site that then need additional work, we will provide a time-based estimate to complete the work, this is charged @ £60 ex VAT per hour.

Please note that we fix 99% of site issues within the initial £240 ex VAT charge.

Most remedial work on WordPress sites takes hours rather than days to complete, and as we look after 100s of websites, we are usually very accurate with our estimates.

Westminster City Council

I have no hesitation in recommending Toast. For a number of years, they have been our preferred website developer – they provide flexible, highly effective and innovative solutions to many of our website related challenges and developments.

Jarno Stet – Waste & Recycling Manager
Westminster City Council

Do you really need to bother updating your site?

If you have a website, usually its main purpose is to bring you new business leads or sales, so the answer to the above is yes, you most definitely should.

As your site is your 24/7/365 marketing platform, we do suggest making sure it’s up-to-date, optimised, and passes as many of Google’s checks as possible.

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The technical stuff.

Google (et al) has introduced some important new factors that can affect where your website ranks in the search.

These are called Lighthouse Metrics and are as follows:

  • Cumulative Layout Shift
  • First Contentful Paint
  • Largest Contentful Paint
  • Speed index
  • Time to interactive
  • Total Blocking Time

Each of these aspects of your websites ‘score’ can now directly affect where your website places in the Search Results.

Because websites change over time (you add new content, new plugins, new pages etc), your score can suffer as a result.

Prior to the above factors influencing the search results, it wasn’t something people were overly concerned about, but now it can make a difference, so it ideally needs to be addressed on your website.

There are some great articles explaining these new metrics on the GT Metrix testing site.

Why you should get your site up to speed.

Over time, if your Lighthouse metrics are poor, your site will slowly drop in ranking for search terms it had previously ranked well for.

This can have a detrimental effect on the number of leads your site generates, so can seriously hit your bottom line.

If you have added lots of plugins to your site or it relies heavily on lots of Javascript in order to work, there’s a good chance your business is going to suffer as a result.

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Our website service will look into these potential issues on your site.

As part of our report on your site, we will highlight any issues that may be negatively affecting your placement in the search results.

Whilst fixing these are not covered in the overall service, you will have the option to get these looked at as part of a separate piece of work.

Once you know if your site is at risk of slipping in the search results, we can help you to plan how best to improve things and the order in which they should be done.

One of the best things for non-technical clients looking at this information is that Google gives your site a score that you can check yourself – by improving your site, we use the same score tools, so improvements can be easily identified and reported.

We continually work on our site(s) to keep the scores as high as possible.


Toast websites desktop score


Toast websites mobile score

Once you have the score, you have to keep it there.

Page speed scores are not a set-and-forget part of your website.

As your site changes, so do your scores. As Googles metrics and algorithms change, so do your scores. Therefore it’s very important to keep on top of these metrics and your site healthy and optimised.

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