We’ll audit your site and provide a list of every single technical issue your website faces.

WordPress works beautiful straight out of the box, but when you start adding off-the-shelf themes and a range of plugins, stuff can get a bit more complicated.

A technical audit of your website will highlight everything that needs to be fixed or improved.

The benefits of doing this are huge – basically speaking, the more technically optimised your site is, the more Google is likely to rank it more favourably.

No one likes a slow website.

Site speed is a ranking factor. Therefore, if you have a slow website, it’s going to directly affect where you rank in the search.

If your competitor’s site is faster than yours, there’s a good chance they’ll outrank you – another no-brainer reason to technically optimise your website.

Technical SEO is often a mix of some things you can fix yourself and other things you’ll need to get a website developer to help you with.

Technical SEO should not cost you a fortune, but this does depend on the complexity and size of your website.

The good news is that our website audit service is free – you can get a full, objective report on your website now to show you what needs to be addressed.

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Website Optimisation Chart

Results-based optimisation.

We use SEM Rush for our deep-dive technical site audits. It reports progress, so all the fixes and improvements completed can be seen in real-time.

When you team this up with Google Page Speed Insights, GT Metrix, Pingdom Speed Tests and a range of other checks, you know your site is pretty much as good as it can be.