SEO takes time and investment.

The amount of time and investment required to get your site ranking depends very much on your product or service.

The general rule-of-thumb is that the more niche you are, the easier it can be to get you on page one for niche or long-tail searches.

If your product or service is in a highly competitive space, SEO is going to require more time and more investment.

It’s about your bottom line.

We approach SEO from a business perspective, not diving in with endless lists of Keywords and publish-and-pray content.

We’ll talk to you about what a lead is worth to your business in terms of the lifetime value of the customer, potential Keywords that will convert rather than just bringing you traffic and focus on getting a return on your initial investment quickly, to generate revenue to reinvest.

Completely transparent.

Rather than sending you meaningless reports each month, we give you access to the tools we use to monitor the performance of your Keywords.

You’ll be able to view how things are going and progress.

We’ll also close the loop on your SEO so you’ll know what keywords are bringing traffic to which pages and when you get conversions.

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