We’ll analyse your site’s on-page SEO and advise on how you can best capitalise on what you already have.

On-page SEO is all about what happens on your site.

It’s optimising the content to contain the keywords you want to rank for, looking at your site structure, marking up your images and internal linking (amongst other things).

Our process involves exporting your site to a Google Sheet and analysing your content and all the above to make sure everything on-page is done.

Why a spreadsheet?

The WordPress admin pages are great, and YOAST adds some great info on there, but to really plan your site and optimise it correctly, a spreadsheet makes more sense.

We do this with all the sites we optimise and have found it simply to be a better way of keeping track on all the little things you need to do that can be easily missed if you are working solely via the WordPress dashboard.

Getting started.

SEO is essentially advertising. So the first conversation we need to have is more business-related than SEO.

It’s important that any SEO agency understands your product or service, your niche and your objectives BEFORE they start talking about what they are going to be charging you each month.

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