Off-page SEO simply refers to anything you do to improve your rankings that is not directly on your site.

Off-page takes in things like backlinks, social mentions, citations and a wide range of other stuff that influences where your site ranks.

It’s crucial to approach off-page SEO carefully and as part of a mapped-out plan.

If you don’t do this, your off-page work can end up looking inorganic, and this can be a message to Google that you are trying to spam your way to the top of the search results.

Off-page is complicated and takes time.

If anyone promises you instant results, avoid them like the plague.

Expectations are often too high when it comes to getting results quickly.

Off-page SEO takes, at an absolute minimum, three months, before you will see anything at all.

You’ll often hear SEOs talking about ‘easy wins’, and this is true – you’ll have some keywords hovering around the first page of results where some basic tweaking and off-page will positively influence these rankings, but these are often the exception, not the norm.

Off-page SEO is an investment.

You are going to need to be prepared to spend some money and wait some time for the results with off-page SEO.

Whatever your off-page activity, you are at the mercy of when it’s indexed by Google – so that backlink that’s been acquired on another site or all those tweets and posts have to be indexed by Google before they will influence anything to do with your site.

Backlinks remain one of the strongest ranking signals.

Essentially a ‘vote’ from another site for your site, backlinks strongly influence your domain authority and your placement in the search engines.

However, because they are such strong influencers, getting it wrong can be disastrous for your site (see this older example about Interflora).

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