Woo works straight out of the box, but just like many clients, you’ll have specific requirements. Therefore, it’s important to work with WooCommerce developers that can do more than just a basic WooCommerce install.

You’ll need to consider your products, variations, delivery options and any other functions such as discounts, wishlists and affiliates.

We’ve wide-ranging experience in both basic WooCommerce installs, subscription offerings, premium plugins and bespoke WooCommerce builds, so you’ll be working with a WordPress agency that knows what it is doing.

WooCommerce planning

An effective WooCommerce site is a well-planned one, so our WooCommerce developers will help you:

  • Best to organise your products (categories, tags, variations, delivery charges, shipping zones)
  • Specific WooCommerce functionality, and any plugins needed to accomplish this
  • Overall site structure, wireframing, information architecture and user experience
  • The buying process and how to accommodate the unique needs of your target market
  • User personas and what your key customers want from the site
  • Keywords that convert – no point ranking for generic traffic that bounces
  • Product landing page structure, conversion triggers and calls-to-action
  • Mobile and tablet optimisation
  • Social media functions and a whole range of other important stuff

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