There are two main options when considering moving your site to the WordPress CMS:

  • Keep the design of the site pretty much the same as the current site, but rebuild the backend on WordPress
  • Take the move as an opportunity to update the current design and build a new site

You may well be perfectly happy with the overall look and feel of your current site, so we can keep this the same on your new WordPress site.

This can help to reduce project costs and will give you a site that’s simply easier to manage and update.

If you do want to look at refreshing the design somewhat, we can add in stages to the project to address this.

You might want to start completely from scratch – we’d then consider it a new website project, which follows a slightly different process.

Everything you need and nothing you don’t

Moving to WordPress is a great opportunity to get rid of any functions that you don’t use and build in things you do need.

We’ll help you look at:

  • Exactly what the site needs to do
  • What WordPress plugins & functions will be required to do this
  • Specific page templates and layouts for key site pages
  • Customising the admin pages to make managing content intuitive and quick

Moving your content to WordPress

If you’re already on a CMS, there’s a good chance we can automatically migrate your content from it straight into WordPress.

This saves a lot of time and money.

If this can’t be done, it’s often the time for good old copy & paste, but this process is made easier by having the appropriate fields in your new WordPress site to move the content into.

Building a responsive and SEO-ready site

All the sites we build are fully responsive and optimised for fast loading times. We also use the awesome Yoast plugin to help you take control of your on-page SEO and to see just how well optimized your content is.

We don’t use off-the-shelf WordPress themes for larger sites. We have our own theme to which we add all the functions you need.

Our theme also only uses core WordPress functions, meaning that it’s future proof and won’t need to be completely rebuilt year after year.

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