You have a mobile phone, yes? £40-£50 per month so you can be contacted and make contact?

Think of this when you look at your WordPress hosting charges.

It’s it worth roughly the same monthly cost to have your website, that 24/7 marketing marketing

Our basic hosting plans start at £300 ex per year for hosting your site on a dedicated WordPress server that hosts no more than 50 of our other sites.

This means we know all the sites that are your neighbours.

So, for less than the average mobile bill, you can have your site on a dedicated WordPress server that’s super-fast, super-secure and will only ever benefit your site moving-forward.

What’s more, we get better deals than you.

We buy a lot of hosting, so as a result, we get better deals and plans.

This means that we can provide you with top-end hosting for your site for less moolah than if you went and got it yourself.

No brainer.

Get better hosting

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