The basic install of WooCommerce is free, but they make their money from selling additional plugins to add functions to your site.

Be prepared to invest some budget in these.

Whilst it can be tempting to use custom code to add functions to your WooCommerce site, you are better off buying the plugins.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. The plugins are kept up-to-date – no need for out-of-date templates in your WooCommerce installation
  2. Code ages. If you have too much bespoke work done, where a plugin would have solved it, it can cause issues further down the line
  3. They are yours! We encourage all our clients to buy their own plugin licences – this means that you own them, not us.

From our experience as WooCommerce developers, we know that you are far better off spending a bit of cash on a plugin that does the job rather than trying to cobble together something that ‘sort of’ works.

As WooCommerce is complex and is updated regularly, ensuring everything works together properly is crucial for the success of your site