There are many tools that provide you with a free site audit, and we use some of these tools to run initial audits of sites.

These give us a very basic idea of what remedial work may be needed on the site – you often get a ‘score’ out of 100 for your site.

These free tools are great, but they often lack the in-depth analysis of tools like SEM Rush to give you some real insight into what needs looking at.

It’s often possible to get ‘free trials’ of premium apps to get a site audit, but it’s worth bearing in mind that improving your website isn’t often something that you will have the time to accomplish in 14 days, and audits have to be run again and again to show you the progress and improvement that any remedial work is having on your website.

A worthwhile account for something like SEM Rush is going to cost you around £160 per month – you could spend that on improvements if the web agency your working with already has an account that they can add you to.

Other free tools to audit your site also include:

It’s important to remember that not all these tools audit everything on your site – you may have to use several to get a good overview.

We can help you improve your site with an in-depth website check.


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