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Clients don’t want to be sold to, they want to discover you. Improving your SEO will deliver new customers.

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Email deliverability from your websites forms

As your website needs to send emails on behalf of your domain name, it needs to be set up to…

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What should you know about your hosting and domain?

If you have a website, you should also be in direct control of your domain(s), hosting and email. If you’ve…

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Why do you need to upgrade your hosting?

As your site gets busier, your hosting environment needs to be upgraded to match, otherwise, you’ll have a slow website….

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How much does a WordPress website cost?

There’s no easy answer when it comes to how much a website should ‘cost’ you, but here are some ways to work it out.

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Website Annual Service

Websites, like all tech, need to be kept up-to-date if they are to run at their best, maintain security and…

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Speed up your site with Cloudflare

How to use Cloudflare to speed up your WordPress site.

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SEO takes time and investment

SEO takes time and investment. The amount of time and investment required to get your site ranking depends very much…

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Email hosting

Don’t host your email on your web server! Email. Pretty much the most important B2B communication tool. So don’t host…

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Secure WordPress hosting

If your site is on WordPress, something is trying to hack it right now. WordPress is the most popular CMS…

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How much should WordPress hosting cost?

You have a mobile phone, yes? £40-£50 per month so you can be contacted and make contact? Think of this…

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About WordPress hosting

We look after 100s of websites and over 20 years, we’ve used pretty much every hosting platform you’ll have heard…

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How to move to WordPress

There are two main options when considering moving your site to the WordPress CMS: Keep the design of the site…

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Automated website audits

There are many tools that provide you with a free site audit, and we use some of these tools to…

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Why bother with a WordPress Audit

Why do you need a website audit? What was fine six months ago no longer works. Your four-year-old website is a…

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Improving plugins and themes

We see a lot of sites that have literally 100s of plugins installed to try and make a less-than-great theme…

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Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO simply refers to anything you do to improve your rankings that is not directly on your site. Off-page…

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On-page SEO

We’ll analyse your site’s on-page SEO and advise on how you can best capitalise on what you already have. On-page…

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Technical SEO

We’ll audit your site and provide a list of every single technical issue your website faces. WordPress works beautiful straight…

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Improving your WooCommerce site

A growing part of our WooCommerce work is helping existing website owners improve previously-built WooCommerce sites. This involves improving the…

Improve your Woocommerce site

Extending WooCommerce functionality

The basic install of WooCommerce is free, but they make their money from selling additional plugins to add functions to…

Extend WooCommerce

Keeping WooCommerce simple

Woo works straight out of the box, but just like many clients, you’ll have specific requirements. Therefore, it’s important to…

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