If you’ve used WordPress before, you’ve probably had the occasional battle to get things how your want them.

WordPress is famously easy to install and set up.

All you need is a server, a little technical knowledge and a bit of time and you can have a site up and running in seemingly no time.

Throw in an off-the-shelf theme, a handful of plugins and some content and off you go…

This is also a reason why WordPress is very easy to do wrong.

We don’t do this.

There is a huge difference between someone who knows how to use WordPress and someone who knows WordPress.

Premium and Free themes mean that anyone with a little technical know-how can deliver you a WordPress site.

The real question is whether that website will actually deliver any return on your investment.

We do this.

For starters, we will:
  • Properly understand your objectives for the site and what is important to your business
  • Explore your content management requirements and who will be managing the site
  • Research your sector, your target market and your current rankings
  • Test and benchmark your current site (if you have one) to objectively demonstrate significant improvement for the new site
  • Talk about content, assets, branding and other creative
Then we’ll:
  • Fully plan out your site structure (either with you or for you)
  • Wireframe all significant pages, looking at user experience, information architecture and responsive
After this, we get into:
  • Looking at the creative direction for the site
  • Designing the homepage, key template pages and content modules
And then we:
  • Build out your site with a fully bespoke theme that is unique to your site
  • Design and build the back-end around your content requirements, making content management easy
  • Add, format and optimise your content
  • Technically optimise your entire website
  • Get everything live

Once we’ve done all the above we can then provide ongoing support for your WordPress install, content management, on-page, off-page and technical SEO.

The above is the short version of the list.

WordPress done well takes time and should result in a return on your investment.

So if you are looking for an agency that can deliver a fully bespoke solution it would be great to speak to you.