GDPR Audit

We can help you get sorted for GDPR.

GDPR lands on the 25th May 2018. Are you ready for it? Probably not.

If you have a website that collects visitor data, you need to have both a privacy policy and a cookies policy on your website.

You also need to make sure your forms and anything else that collects data also records consent to use that data.

When it comes to GDPR, one thing is for sure, you can’t ignore it.

Get a GDPR Audit

To help our clients with GDPR, we’ve put together an Audit that will check your site and advise on what you need to do. We can also help you to get your site GDPR compliant.

What we can help you with

Our GDPR Audit includes the following:

  • Cookie Audit
  • Cookie Compliance plugin & Policy
  • Outline Privacy Policy
  • SSL Certificate
  • Forms review
  • Plugin review
  • HTML Email re-opt-ins*
  • Site Security

In a nutshell, this audit checks your website to make sure you have GDPR covered.

*If you currently use HTML email marketing, we can also help you manage your contacts so they are properly opted-in (we’ll provide a separate cost for this depending on what you use for sending marketing emails).


What we can’t do

GDPR is complicated and affects all businesses differently depending on what you do with data.

Below are a few things that we can not help you with and recommend consulting appropriate experts.

  • Legal advice
  • Guaranteed legally compliant copy/text
  • Compliance with off-line storage of data
  • Third-party apps that you might use (these people are your Data Processors and should have their own policies.
  • Terms & Conditions
  • We only provide GDRP Audits for WordPress-powered websites

Our Audit ensures that your website will be as compliant, or seen to be working towards compliance. It is offered on an as-is basis and, to reiterate, is NOT legal advice.



Our GDPR Audit costs £299 EX VAT

We are also recommending a Cookie Compliance plugin which is an additional £10 per month (for sites with less than 500 pages, larger sites cost slightly more).

If you’d like to start working towards GDPR compliance, click the link below to submit a support request and get started.

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You can not ignore GDPR. If your site does not comply or is not working towards compliance you are potentially liable for some serious fines.