WordPress can provide a lot of functionality straight out-of-the-box for Recruitment agency websites.

Recruitment agency websites typically have two distinct markets; candidates looking for a job, and clients looking to recruit.

When dealing with two very different target markets, it’s important to get the site structure and SEO correct so you can rank for very different searches – best to get a Recruitment agency web design specialist to help you with this.

There’s also the need for job posting functions, which can add an extra bit of complication to the site, but luckily, WordPress is perfect for this via a range of plugins and bespoke functionality.


Recruitment agency web design

An example of a bespoke and premium plugin-based website we designed and built for Mayday Employment.


Why is a bespoke WordPress site is best for recruitment agencies?

If you start off with an off-the-shelf theme that’s been designed specifically for the recruitment sector, you can quickly run into two issues:

  1. Your site ends up looking the same as 100s of other recruitment agencies
  2. It can be problematic to build in additional functions and templates further down the line

A bespoke-build WordPress site will help you avoid both of the above by:

  1. Being totally unique to your brand – it’s a custom design that doesn’t just colour in someone else’s site in your own brand colours
  2. It’s infinitely scalable – as it’s a bespoke build, there’s nothing that you can’t do (or have done) to it as you grow the site

What types of functionality are required by recruitment agency websites?

Over-and-above the standard WordPress functions such as editing posts and pages, your recruitment site is going to need some extra functionality that will include:

  1. A job posting function with categorisation
  2. Job search
  3. A CV upload facility so candidates can send you their details
  4. Online applications
  5. Jobs alerts
  6. Mailing lists or notifications of new posts

Depending on whether you work locally or nationally, there are also other options to categorise jobs such as location-based and map-based searches (this would require a Google Maps API Key).

Be prepared to invest in some premium plugins.

There are some great plugins out there for recruitment websites – from a complete job board and posting plugin to other more niche plugins designed for the recruitment sector.

You’ll need to invest in these plugins – but make sure you create accounts and buy the plugins yourself for your own site.

The reason for this is that the license for using them and updates etc is owned by your company and not your web design agency.

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There may also be some bespoke work.

Something we do for a lot of clients to create bespoke admin sections, posts and categories for job management.

If a plugin is either too much or too little for your recruitment agency website design, then we can build you a bespoke job management section that is bespoke and tailored to your requirements and how you work.

A bespoke WordPress website will get you exactly what you need.

We’ve built some nice, simple management tools where clients can add a job, and have a fixed set of fields to complete for each job post.

On the more complex-end, we’ve built sites that connect to external job databases and pull in new jobs as WordPress custom posts every 15 minutes.

Don’t forget your blog.

Recruitment is incredibly competitive, so you are going to need to produce regular, well-written and optimised posts for your site to keep it ranking in the search engines.

You can also use your blog to increase the internal page rank of your sites landing pages – telling Google (et al) what content on your site is important and gaining higher rankings.

Your blog can help you rank for niche searches and can also help to improve your site structure.

We can help you plan out your URL structure to make the most sense to search engine bots and get you climbing the rankings.

Mobile is a must.

Mobile visitors to recruitment sites are higher than average, so your site must work effectively on mobiles and tablets.

Consideration needs to be given to user journeys and user experience for the mobile site – it may even be the case that your numbers of mobile visitors are so high that you opt for a mobile-first site.

Extra things to consider!

You may also need to integrate with Google Careers to get more exposure for your available jobs.

There are also ways to directly integrate your site with other job boards so posts to your site are automatically posted elsewhere.

Social media can also be automated – with a new job post automatically posted to Facebook, Twitter and other networks.

A flexible solution.

WordPress does make an excellent CMS for recruitment agencies of all sizes.

Whether you need something slick and simple or are looking for a larger, more complex site, WordPress is a solid, future-proof platform.

Here at Toast, we plan, design and build large and small sites, so if you are considering a new website for your recruitment agency or want to improve your existing agency website, give us a call on 01295 266644 or complete the form below – we can have a brief chat over what you want to achieve.

We can help with all things WordPress.

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