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Website Audit

Website Audit

If you’ve got a website that’s been around for a while, it’s a good idea to have a website audit to check it’s working as well as it should be.

Things move pretty quickly online, so what was yesterday’s beautiful shiny new site could now be a bit of a dinosaur. Moreover, it might be losing you potential new business or be open to hacking – a website audit will address any issues.

Having your site audited will show you where things need a bit of a tune up. Just like your car, your site should have a full service at least once a year to keep it in tip-top condition.

Why audit?

There are many reasons to give your site a thorough check up:

  • Google changes its algorithm a lot – not only updates to how it places you based on content, but also on you site structure and markup, if your site is a little old or using depreciated tags; it can affect it’s ranking.
  • Plugins and core files can become outdated, leaving your site open to hackers and potential malware
  • Your page speed score may have slipped over time – slower sites lead to poor user experience and a drop in ranking
  • There’ll probably be new and better ways of doing things on your site – new plugins and improvements come online all the time
  • Your internal linking may have slipped over time – are you making the most of your content with internal link building?
  • Broken links – as sites grow and content changes, broken links can easily crop up on your site
  • Your metadata may need refreshing – when sites first go live, all the metadata is usually spot on, but it can slip over time
  • On-page SEO may require improvement
  • Missing tags and content – is everything marked up correctly (H1, H2 tags, etc.) and are all your articles the right length?
  • Uploaded images often end up with missing ALT tags
  • Responsive CSS needs to be checked and content formatting looked at to make sure it’s still looking great on mobile
  • Uploaded images need to all be fully optimised
  • Is your time to first byte and loading speed as good as it could be?
  • The list goes on…

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The benefits of a website audit

Having your site audited means that you can be confident in the fact that it’s as good as it can be. Small changes and improvements to your website can have dramatic effects on how Google ranks your site and your keyword performance. You can also improve user experience and increase conversions.

On top of this, there might just be better ways of doing things on your site. As part of our review, we look at plugins, functions and integrated apps to see if there are smarter, time-saving ways to make your site work harder for you.

A broader perspective

As part of our website audits, we also take a wider look at your online marketing activity including social media, email marketing and inbound. We help clients identify potential opportunities to do more online, reaching wider audiences and ultimately winning new business.

An objective report

A website audit will give you a report about things that need doing on your site and an overall percentage score for your site. This is reviewed against best practice guidelines, not just developers opinion, so it’s an unbiased appraisal of issues with your site that need to be addressed.

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To help you understand if your site needs a full website audit, we offer a free quick audit service that runs some automated checks on your site. We then produce a concise report that shows you what needs addressing. 

If you’d like to get a free Toast website audit just click the link below.

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