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With such a range of options and possibilities on a phone, everyone seems to be using them constantly.

Having a mobile-friendly site is vital for keeping everyone happy.

The average smartphone user will be on their phones for more than 4 hours a day. This shows people live their lives on their phone and, therefore, the need to be able to do everything on them is becoming greater.

By not optimising your site to be mobile-friendly, you will lose out on a whole audience – which appears to be growing. So, I am going to go through the what, why and how of making your site mobile-friendly!

What is a mobile-friendly website?

A mobile-friendly website is basically a shrunk-down version of your normal site. Most sites are built with desktop in mind initially, then scaled down to fit the smaller sizes of mobile phones.

You might need to change some aspects of your site, such as:

  • Increasing font size
  • Moving content above and below each other, rather than side by side
  • Increasing size of buttons and images
  • Making navigation more manageable in a hidden menu
  • and more

There are quite a few different options you could look at into making your site more mobile-friendly! But you need to keep the user in mind – are the choices you’re making keeping the experience for them as easy as possible?

You need to make sure the visitor can see the text clearly and doesn’t have to keep zooming in to see any buttons or images.

How to tell if your site is mobile-friendly?

Whilst you may think your site looks mobile-friendly, how can you be sure?

Once you have adapted the site to be user-friendly and look good on mobiles, you should check if it actually qualifies as such.

You can use quite a few different systems, but the most popular one would be Google mobile-friendly test.

This is a great tool as it shows you how easy a visitor can use your site on a mobile device.

It generates a certification to show whether or not your site is classed as mobile-friendly.

It can also give you some information if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, as to how to change that.

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Why do you need a mobile-friendly site?

Whilst all this is great to know, you might be wondering – do I really need a mobile-friendly site?

The answer is yes! The world is becoming more mobile, with the global mobile population amounting to 3.7 billion unique users in 2018.

If your site is difficult to use on mobile, people will quickly move to one that isn’t – and you will have a high bounce rate, and potentially lose custom.

You wouldn’t want to close your doors on potential customers who are trying to get in – so don’t do the same on your site.

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