10 reasons to choose WordPress

There are dozens of things that we love about it, but if you’re looking to create a new website, here are 10 reasons to choose WordPress.

Not all content management systems are created equal. Your website is now a dynamic portal to your business and can even win over new clients before you’ve even spoken to them. One of our favourite things about WordPress is that it allows us to create fully bespoke websites for businesses.

You wouldn’t build the house of your dreams without checking out the foundations… and you shouldn’t build a website without checking out whether you have the right CMS.

Here are 10 reasons to choose WordPress.

1. It’s free

Money isn’t everything, but it is bound to be a deciding factor when you are creating a new site. Yes, WordPress is entirely free – sign up and you’re away.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t spend money while building your site – we’ll talk about added extras later – but it means that you won’t be paying to use the WordPress platform.

2. You’re in good company

We’re not the only ones who love WordPress.

Over a quarter of the sites on the internet are powered by WordPress, including BBC America, Metro and the New York Times and it’s the cms of choice for professional web design agencies.

Is it time for your business to join that illustrious list?

3. It’s very secure

Despite being open-source, WordPress is very secure.

The code it uses is constantly peer-reviewed, weedling out any potential loopholes that could cause security infractions.

Coupled with countless plugins to further enhance its security, your website is in safe hands.

4. It’s stable

Thanks to the dedicated fanbase of WordPress and its continuous development, we’ve found WordPress to be one of the most stable platforms out there.

5. WordPress grows with you

We’ve built single page websites for small businesses who are just finding their way and expansive multi-sites for international companies with multi million-pound turnovers.

That’s what’s magical about WordPress – it works for every size of site.

6. It can parlez vous with your clients abroad

Admittedly, it speaks better French than we do. Using the Multisites function, WordPress can develop multiple sites in different languages to cater for international audiences.

7. WordPress plays well with others

It’s important for us that a website can integrate with the other software platforms that we are using.

We want it to be able to work alongside Mailchimp when we our sending out newsletters to our subscribers, with Paypal when they want to make payments through the site or with our social media channels to ensure that visitors are always getting our latest news.

WordPress can do all of this and more.

8. Measuring your success

There is a reason that SEO wizards love WordPress. It is set up to easily monitor the successes and failures of your website, working seamlessly with our favourite benchmarking plugins to ensure that our sites remain optimised.

9. It’s familiar, isn’t it?

You don’t need several degrees in computing to become a WordPress user. In fact, it’s likely that your staff have already used WordPress before, given its popularity.

Even if you’re a complete novice, you can be confidently adding to your WordPress website after minimal training.

10. You can make WordPress work for you.

Perhaps our favourite thing reason to choose WordPress is the depth of personalisation built into this platform. You can build a website to suit very specific needs very quickly.

Thousands of plugins – some free, some paid for – can expand your site to suit your ever-changing needs. And it’s not just company websites. WordPress can power workplace intranets, web-based applications and more.

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